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Toby's Holiday 2015

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Fly from UK to Crete
Saturday 11th April

An early flight from Leeds Bradford to Crete.

Gran and Grandad were at Hania airport to greet us!
Arrived Asleep

During the short journey to our house I fell fast asleep!

Too much excitement for one day.
Gran welcoming Henry

Brother Henry was wide awake, and soon cuddling up to Gran.

On the balcony
Sunday 12th April

Up bright and breezy and on the balcony for a look at Souda Bay.
The mountains with snow

I could also see the mountains with their snow-topped peaks.
Easter presents

We visited friends, who had very kindly got me some things to play with on the beach.

Buying Oranges
Monday 13th April

Fresh orange juice is lovely, especially if you buy the oranges locally!
Kalyves Beach

Kalyves is the nearest town to where we stayed. It has lovely beaches.
Souda Bay

Kalyves is located on the southern shores of Souda Bay.
Wash down

This is how you get washed down after a visit to a sandy beach!
At Francoise

Francoise is our favourite beach cafe in Almirida. We always get a warm welcome there, and enjoy the drinks and snacks.

Testing the car
Tuesday 14th April

Cars have to be tested every two years in Greece. This shows our car in the garage, and me watching the process.

Grandad fixed up a swing in the garden! The tree was only just strong enough for my weight.

Aptera Fort
Thursday 16th April

There are many old forts in Crete. Aptera is located on a hill top just south of Souda Bay.
View of Kalami Fort

The view from Aptera Fort is very good. I could see two other forts, one at Kalami, and one on the other side of the bay on Souda Island.

Hot water
Friday 17th April

This is where the hot water for our house comes from. The sun heats the water in the glass panel, which is then stored in the silver tank. Pipes take the water to the taps in the house.

Car wash
Sunday 19th April

Washing the car in Crete is a fun job, as I had the hose pipe all to myself!
Sunday lunch in Stylos

Sunday lunch is a family occasion in Crete. We joined in the tradition at a taverna in a village called Stylos.

The boy that I met at the taverna is Adonis. Even though we spoke different languages we played together on the swings.

Almirida Beach
20th April

This is the lovely sandy beach at Almirida. All to myself!

Cape Drapano
22nd April

At the mouth of Souda Bay is Cape Drapano where there is a lighthouse. We walked down to the cliffs which were high and very rocky.
Swing Mk 2

We decided that swinging from the tree was not a good idea. Grandad fixed up a better swing on a solid frame.

Naval Museum in Hania
23rd April

I went to the Naval Museum in Hania. This shows a model of a ship used in ancient times. It had many oars in three rows, and is called a trireme.

Geese at lake Kournas
25th April

Lake Kournas is the only natural fresh water lake in Crete. We went there with our friends.
Lake Kournas

After feeding the geese we walked around the lake for a while, and saw some terrapins in the sunshine.

Terrapins are like small turtles and love to bask in the sunshine.

Fun in the pool
26th April

We had lots of fun in the pool! Ideal for cooling off in the heat.

Pouring concrete
27th April

A common sight in Crete is a lorry delivering concrete, for a drive-way or house.
The big cave

The cave is man-made, but is very big and very dark inside. We had a torch and explored the different rooms and chambers.

Agia Lake
1st May

Agia Lake is a nature reserve and very popular with the Greek locals.
Agia Lake

The walkway is along the top of the dam which formed the lake as a reservoir.
Agia Lake Wildlife

We saw a Little Bittern watching for fish to eat, and a Terrapin feeding off the water plants.
Watching the dancing

As it was May Day, the Greeks were celebrating with music and dancing.
Greek dancing

Greek Dancing! The man in the middle is Stelios, a friend who sometimes helps in our garden.

Venetian Harbour
5th May

A day in Hania. This is the harbour which was built by the Venetians in olden days. It has an impressive lighthouse to guide the ships in at night.
Lunch by the boats

Lunch at the waters edge! The boats are used every day to catch fish for the many tavernas.

Places Visited

The map shows the region that we stayed in.

Look at how many places I visited!

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